7 Fundamental Rules for Writing Powerful Sentences

Creating a sentence is a game of strategy. The perception of the sentences in the words the writer introduces and arranges together. Each word in a sentence is a part that functions only when they are connected in the right way. And each sentence plays a role of a soldier, and only the connection of 

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Using Synonyms Effectively in Writing to Attract an Audience

Synonyms in the English Language or any language for that matter are like a splash of color on a writing canvas. You can brighten up any form of content with various words from an enhanced vocabulary. Doing so will allow you to create a sensational piece of writing that resonates with readers. In Search Engine 

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Why Do the Best Writers Paraphrase Their Content?

Definition Paraphrasing means rewriting text to avoid plagiarism or to change the style of the text. The first rule of paraphrase is to keep the expression and meaning of the original text intact. For example, the sentence “Not all those who wander are lost” can be paraphrased into “Not all people who wander are lost’ 

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