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How to Write An Impressive College Admission Essay

Not going to lie, the idea of writing a college admission essay can be quite intimidating. Especially, when you think that your writing alone can make or break your dream of getting enrolled in a prestigious college. With that much pressure on, it’s normal to feel nervous and confused. However, with this quick guide, you 

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Write Powerful Content Using Online Paraphrasing Tool and ChatGPT

The demand for unique, high-quality content is at an all-time high right now. So, naturally, the competition has gotten tough as well. If you have found yourself in the digital content writing competition, or you are a student who wants to create a great assignment or a research paper, you might feel pressurized to stand 

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Why Self-Plagiarism Is Bad and How to Avoid it in Writing

Self-Plagiarism refers to reusing or recycling your own published content. In the creative world, self-plagiarism is considered an unethical task. While plagiarism means copying someone else’s content and passing it off as your own, self-plagiarism is a bit different. In self-plagiarizing or self-duplicating, you reuse your own published content. Self-plagiarism can involve the followings – 

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15 Important Words You Must Know As A College Student

As we grow up, so does the quality and quantity of our vocabulary. As a college student, your vocabulary should be rich and sophisticated as compared to students of lower grades. Here are some of the most important words you should know the meaning of and their pronunciations. Let’s learn without further ado. 1. Evaluate 

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Optimize Academic Writing By Paraphrasing | Rules of Paraphrasing

What is paraphrasing all about? Paraphrasing is all about understanding something and interpreting it in your own way. Paraphrasing plays an active role in academic writing as students have to study a subject and then write an essay or paper based on their interpretation. Why paraphrasing correctly matters so much? At first glance, paraphrasing might 

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