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15 Important Words You Must Know As A College Student

As we grow up, so does the quality and quantity of our vocabulary. As a college student, your vocabulary should be rich and sophisticated as compared to students of lower grades.

Here are some of the most important words you should know the meaning of and their pronunciations.

Let’s learn without further ado.

1. Evaluate


Meaning to assess or estimate the value, number, quality, or amount of something.

Synonyms: assess; gauge; judge; estimate; appraise; calculate.

Example: The doctor evaluated the condition of the patient and prescribed him accordingly.

2. Dichotomy


Meaninga contrast or division between two opposite ideas or things such as love and hate, war and peace, or good and bad.

Synonyms: division; separation; polarity; contrast; contradiction.

Example: The dichotomy between public and private schools is obvious.

3. Digress


Meaningto turn aside or step aside, especially, to deviate from the main subject temporarily in writing or speaking.

Synonyms: deviate; diverge; drift; stray; ramble; meander.

Example: He has a habit of digressing often which I am not fond of.

4. Eclectic


Meaninghaving a diverse range of ideas, tastes, or styles; someone who a person who gets their ideas, style, or taste from a wide variety of sources.

Synonyms: extensive; comprehensive; varied; diverse; broad-ranging.

Example: Alice has eclectic taste in music.

5. Eschew


Meaningto avoid something deliberately.

Synonyms: forgo; forswear; shun; avoid; steer clear off; renounce; reject.

Example: It’s for the best to eschew office gossip.

6. Exacerbate


Meaningmaking something that’s already bad even worse.

Synonyms: aggravate; worsen; inflame; intensify; heighten; fan the flames; add insult to injury.

Example: I think I exacerbated her sadness by mentioning her dead grandma to her.

7. Juxtaposition


Meaningthe act of placing two or more things close together to create a comparing or contrasting effect.

Synonyms: comparison; collocation; proximity; nearness; adjacent.

Example: The book showed a clear juxtaposition of privileged children and street kids.

8. Lucrative


Meaningsomething that brings a great deal of profit.

Synonyms: profitable; profit-making; gainful; moneymaking; bankable; productive.

Example: The deal with the merger company turned out to be a lucrative one.

9. Loquacious


Meaningsomeone who talks too much; a talkative person.

Synonyms: talkative; wordy; verbose; rambling; gushing; chatty.

Example: Dan can be loquacious sometimes, but he has a good heart.

10. Maverick


Meaningan independent-minded person; an individualist.

Synonyms: individualist; nonconformist; original; trendsetter; eccentric.

Example: Luna has always been a maverick.

11. Nefarious


Meaninghaving a wicked or criminal quality; a wicked person.

Synonyms: wicked; atrocious; villainous; vile; foul; depraved; abominable.

Example: Maleficent became nefarious after losing her wings and brought havoc to the kingdom of Stefan.

12. Paragon


Meaninga perfect example; a person regarded as the model of excellence.

Synonyms: archetype; best; exemplar; ideal; classic; epitome.

Example: I am not a paragon of honesty; I have told some white lies in my life.

13. Sublime


Meaningof great beauty or excellence.

Synonyms: exalted; elevated; majestic; lofty; noble; imposing.

Example: The girl’s voice has a sublime quality.

14. Subtle


Meaningbeing not-so-obvious; something precise and indistinct.

Synonyms: fine; precise; ultra-fine; elusive; minuscule; abstruse.

Example: The difference between homophones and homonyms is subtle but significant.

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15. Zealot


Meaningsomeone who is uncompromising in their idea, or belief; an overly zealous person.

Synonyms: fanatic; enthusiast; extremist; radical; die-hard; bigot.

Example: Barron is a zealot who thinks only his method of approaching the issue is right.

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