self plagiarism

Why Self-Plagiarism Is Bad and How to Avoid it in Writing

Self-Plagiarism refers to reusing or recycling your own published content. In the creative world, self-plagiarism is considered an unethical task. While plagiarism means copying someone else’s content and passing it off as your own, self-plagiarism is a bit different. In self-plagiarizing or self-duplicating, you reuse your own published content. Self-plagiarism can involve the followings – 

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free paraphrasing tool for writing

A Guide to Using a Free Paraphrasing Tool for Writing: Tips and Tricks

Writing long content or academic paper could be super challenging. In that case, a paraphrasing tool can be helpful. It can take ideas and thoughts from other texts and create new content. There are so many free paraphrasing tools available online. A paraphrasing tool is an AI-based software that can help to rewrite text to 

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conversation english phrases

Say Common Conversational English Phrases in Different Ways

Whether you are visiting an English-spoken country or trying to make a conversation in English, a handful of common English phrases will help you go a long way. Not only that, if you learn to say those phrases in various ways, you can impress your conversation partner as well. That’s a reason enough to learn 

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acronyms and abbreviations for students

50+ Important Education Acronyms and Abbreviations for Students

We often use internet acronyms and abbreviations in formal and informal communication settings. Education-related short forms, initialisms, and backronyms, however, are also very important, especially because we see the use of these terms in various exams and quizzes. Here are some of the most useful education-related acronyms and abbreviations that any dutiful student can help 

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dictionary, important word

15 Important Words You Must Know As A College Student

As we grow up, so does the quality and quantity of our vocabulary. As a college student, your vocabulary should be rich and sophisticated as compared to students of lower grades. Here are some of the most important words you should know the meaning of and their pronunciations. Let’s learn without further ado. 1. Evaluate 

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academic writing, optimize writing, paraphrasing rules

Optimize Academic Writing By Paraphrasing | Rules of Paraphrasing

What is paraphrasing all about? Paraphrasing is all about understanding something and interpreting it in your own way. Paraphrasing plays an active role in academic writing as students have to study a subject and then write an essay or paper based on their interpretation. Why paraphrasing correctly matters so much? At first glance, paraphrasing might 

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writing tips, content, blog ideas

9 Awesome Content Writing Ideas | All-Time Content Topics

Content writers and bloggers often feel confused and exhausted while searching for the right content topics. The confusion is valid, after all, there are so many contents online that it’s a daunting task to find something that stands apart from the rest. While you don’t have to come up with something entirely unique every time 

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Meanings, and Difference Between Homophones, Homographs, and Homonyms

Homophones, Homographs, and Homonyms – these words don’t only sound tricky, but also have tricky meanings or spellings as well. Homophones (Words that Sound the Same) Etymology: The term “homophone” is derived from the Greek words “homos” (same) and “phone” (voice, speech). Homophones are words that sound the same or almost the same but have 

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7 Fundamental Rules for Writing Powerful Sentences

Creating a sentence is a game of strategy. The perception of the sentences in the words the writer introduces and arranges together. Each word in a sentence is a part that functions only when they are connected in the right way. And each sentence plays a role of a soldier, and only the connection of 

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Using Synonyms Effectively in Writing to Attract an Audience

Synonyms in the English Language or any language for that matter are like a splash of color on a writing canvas. You can brighten up any form of content with various words from an enhanced vocabulary. Doing so will allow you to create a sensational piece of writing that resonates with readers. In Search Engine 

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