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A Guide to Using a Free Paraphrasing Tool for Writing: Tips and Tricks

Writing long content or academic paper could be super challenging. In that case, a paraphrasing tool can be helpful. It can take ideas and thoughts from other texts and create new content.

There are so many free paraphrasing tools available online. A paraphrasing tool is an AI-based software that can help to rewrite text to change its wording. However, it won’t change the main context of the writing. The main purpose of the paraphrasing tool is to avoid plagiarism.

Moreover, it also assists to increase the readability of writing. A paraphrasing tool is so helpful for writing. It is needed for rewriting content for Search Engine Optimization reasons, academic purposes, business tasks, etc. 

In this blog, we’ll discuss a guide to be using a free Paraphrasing tool for writing – tips and tricks. Let’s jump –

How to Use a Free Paraphrase Tool – The Ultimate Guide in 2023

Paraphrasing is taking a short passage from the original source and using it as the foundation for another text. A free paraphrase tool can do the job perfectly. Let’s check out some effective tips on how to effectively use a free paraphrasing tool –

Tips for Effectively Using a Free Paraphrasing Tool

While paraphrasing, you must follow some important things. Let’s check –

  • Read the Passage First

Before using a free paraphrasing tool, you must read the original source first. If you understand the main context clearly, you can express it to your readers in the best possible way. Moreover, it will also help to use the tool more effectively and ensure that your text matches the original context.

  • Create Your Own Version

After reading the original source correctly, it’s time to create your own writing version. While writing, add your thoughts, ideas, and opinions to make it more natural. Besides, this is how you can make the writing more interesting and attractive.

  • Review the Whole Content

Now, it’s time to review your writing. You should check the whole piece of content carefully. Additionally, ensure that your content has everything that can convince a reader like the original one. Make proper coordination between the two contents to boost your opinion.

Furthermore, you must keep the original meaning of the context and check whether the text is grammatically correct or not.

  • Use it as a Reference

While paraphrasing, you can take assistance from a paraphrasing tool. It can be a very good reference when you’re struggling to find proper words or phrases. But, make a limit. Ensure that you put your own spinning words in the text.

  • Check Out for Plagiarism

If you’re using a paraphrasing tool and writing the text in your own words, you must still check for plagiarism. This is how you can avoid accidentally using somebody else’s task without giving credit.

  • Enhance the Writing Skills

A paraphrase software online can assist you to enhance your writing skills by providing a proper sentence structure, a massive number of synonyms, and ideas. But don’t overuse it otherwise your creativity won’t flourish.

Best Free Paraphrasing Tool for Writing

Writing could be exhausting sometimes. In that case, you can take help from a paraphrasing tool. There are so many free paraphrasing tools available online.

Additionally, they’re good at creating unique content. These paraphrase generator tools are also good at changing active voice into passive voice or vice-versa.

Let’s check out some of the best free paraphrasing tools –



If you want to enhance your writing significantly, QuillBot is the tool that can assist you to do it. This is the best and most popular free paraphrasing tool for students, academic researchers, professionals, content creators, and scholars. When it comes to basic paraphrasing, QuillBot is second to none.

The user interface is super convenient, and it works pretty much straightforwardly. Besides, QuillBot offers two modes for the free version – Standard and Fluency.


QuillBot offers a lot of attractive features to make the writing job painless.

  • Convenient Interface – It provides a super convenient interface for paraphrasing tasks. Even a newbie can use it without any technical knowledge.
  • Web-Based Program – QuillBot is a web-based tool. Therefore, anybody can open and use it at any time.
  • Extensions, Add-ons – It provides extensions and add-ons for various platforms such as MS Word, Docs, Chrome, etc.
  • Machine Learning- QuillBot uses machine learning to improve paraphrasing performance.


  • No sign-up is required to use the free version.
  • Reliable, correct, and grammatically error-free result.
  • Perfect for shortening the long sentences.
  • 700-character paraphrasing and 3 different synonyms setting.

Paraphrase App

Paraphrase App

The meaning of paraphrasing has changed nowadays. It is not only changing the words with synonyms. It is more than that. Paraphrase App can help you to generate content with highly accurate results. Besides, your content will be readable and keep the key phrases in their original form.


Let’s check out some of the best features of –

  • Automated Spinning – Paraphrase App can automatically produce content to make it unique. However, it also keeps the original context of the content.
  • Latest AI Technology – This tool uses highly advanced AI technology such as NPL (Natural Language Process), machine learning, and deep learning. As a result, it produces human-like unique content.
  • Simple Interface – This app doesn’t have so many options or features. The whole thing is pretty simple and well-designed. For this reason, anybody can easily use it without a hassle.
  • Bulk Spinning – It can spin several contents at once. Thus, it saves you time.


  • It provides SEO-optimized content.
  • Use correct synonyms.
  • This tool offers very good readability.
  • Paraphrase up to 1000 words in free mode. is an easy-to-use paraphrasing app that can produce high-quality and unique content. This online rephrasing tool can perfectly rewrite the content and make it attractive to readers. On top of that, it is using the latest algorithms that don’t change the context of the content.


Here are some extraordinary features of –

  • Enhances Functionality – uses highly advanced AI algorithms which are useful to generate high-quality, unique, and error-free content.
  • User-Friendly Interface – From beginner to professional, anybody can use this tool without a problem.
  • Several Rewriting Modes – There are four different types of rewriting modes available. Therefore, you can change the tone and style of content. For this reason, the main context of the content will remain unchanged.
  • SEO-Optimize Content – maintain readability and uniqueness. As a result, it can easily generate SEO-optimized content.


  • It’s a web-based platform. You can access this program from any device.
  • This tool is helpful to increase readability and keep the flow of content.
  • can save you time by automating the process of rephrasing text.
  • It is capable of paraphrasing up to 500 words.

Best Practices for Using a Free Paraphrasing Tool in Writing

There are some best practices for using a free paraphrasing tool in writing. Let’s check –

  • Understand the Context

The first thing is to understand the original context. If you can’t understand it properly, you won’t be able to write newly formed content in the right way.

  • Don’t Overuse It

Use the paraphrasing tool for your assistance. But, don’t overuse it and lose your own writing skills.

  • Check Out Plagiarism

Don’t forget to check for plagiarism. Although a paraphrasing tool can help to produce plagiarism-free content, you should still check it.

  • Proofread the Text

Paraphrasing tool is not always trustworthy. So, you should proofread the text whether it contains any errors or not.

Examples of Using a Paraphrasing Tool to Improve Different Types of Writing

Let’s check out some examples of how to use a paraphrasing tool to enhance writing in various places –

  • Academic Writing

A student can easily use a free paraphrasing tool to rephrase text from the original source while writing a research paper or thesis. Hence, they can also avoid plagiarism in that process.

Optimize Academic Writing By Paraphrasing | Rules of Paraphrasing

  • Content Writing

A content writer or creator can create content by using a free paraphrasing tool. This is how they can generate unique and attractive content for the website or blog. Since content writing is a stressful job, they can get be benefitted from it.

A Guide To Transforming Yourself Into A Professional Content Writer

  • Business Writing

Are you a professional entrepreneur? If yes, then you can use paraphrasing software to rephrase text from the original source when you’re about to create a business report.

On the other hand, this is the best way to create precise information while avoiding plagiarism.

  • Creative Writing

A creative writer can use a paraphrasing tool to generate different word choices to make the writing more eye-catching and highly engaging.

  • Translation

A translator can also use these tools to rephrase the text in their preferred language. During the translating task, they can also keep the original meaning and context of the text.

Tips for Checking Paraphrasing Tool’s Output for Quality and Accuracy

Now, we’ll share some pieces of advice on how to check the paraphrasing tool’s output for the quality and accuracy of your content –

  • Check for Plagiarism

Although the main target of using an online paraphrase checker is to avoid plagiarism, you must check the result for plagiarized content. In that case, you can use a plagiarism tool.

  • Check Grammatical Errors

Paraphrasing tools generally produce grammatical error-free content. However, it will be still good if you double-check it. This is how your content will be more polished and engaging.

  • Check Readability

The output must be easily readable and understandable by even 8th-grade students. If the text is complicated, you need to rephrase it again. 

  • Confirm the Meaning of the Context

You must ensure that the meaning of the paraphrasing content matches the original text. If the explanation isn’t clear, you must check it out further.

  • Check for Consistency

Lastly, it is necessary to make certain that the output is consistent with the terms of style, tone, and voice.

FAQs on the Guide to Using Free Paraphrasing Tools for Writing

Q – How can I paraphrase effectively?

In order to paraphrase perfectly, you need to do the following tasks –

  • Reconstruct the sentences. For example – you can change the sentence from active to passive or vice versa. Moreover, you can also start the sentence from a different point than the original one.
  • Know the main context of the content and focus on the context while rewriting it.
  • Don’t include any irrelevant information
  • Use perfect synonyms that won’t change the meaning of the sentence.

Q – Is paraphrasing similar to plagiarism?

No, it’s not. If you don’t give credit to the original author, then it will be regarded as plagiarism. However, if you accurately cite the source, then it won’t be considered plagiarism.

Wrap Up

If you think that you’re not a great writer, you can still use a free paraphrasing tool for writing. It can help to write a complex topic in a much easier way. A paraphrasing tool can clarify the information easily, so you can present it to your audience in a precise manner.

We hope our guide can help you to use a paraphrasing tool conveniently. Thanks for reading.

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